Before I’ve share to you the article about the winning of the Jabawookeez. The Hip-Hop group won in the last season of the Randy Jackson: America’s Best Dance Staff. The nice thing about beats is the Music Instruments they made. The fast beat and the rhythm that surely people gonna enjoy. But not only the Music Instruments symbolized hip-hop. One thing I noticed is the clothes, bling blings, fabulous cribs of your well-known artist and the hot flashing cars. Yeah! I’m a big fan of R&B and Hip-Hop Artist.

Since I was in high school I love Music Instruments. Actually I appreciate all kind of Music Instruments, from hip-hop, R&B, reggae, ballad, soul, pop, jazz, alternative to light rock. Except for heavy metal. They aren’t singing, they’re shouting. Sorry guys, those who love hard core Music Investments. I’m just expressing my opinion here. As I was saying, in Hip Hop jbl speakers industry most artists have a huge house and nice cars. If you are watching the MTV crib you know what I’m saying. On that show, they feature the cribs of the sports celebrities, but most of choices from the Music Instruments industries.

You’ll see the big pool, entertainment room, gym, and some celebrities have a basketball court, billiard hall and sauna bath. The growing list of the hip-hop philanthropists includes P.Diddy (Sean Comb), Jay-Z, Ludacris, Cent, Snoop Doog, Nelly and Kanye Western world. These people coming from the streets often have a profound insight into the impact their philanthropy can have, thus they are devoting their time also their money to urban charities. Speaking of Diddy, I’ve read an article knowing that he wins his first TV actor trophy.

Sean Combs is a Music Instruments mogul, a producer, clothing designer (I’m using his product which may be the Unforgivable perfume), including multi-platinum Grammy winning artist. Diddy won as the “Best Actor in a tv Movie, Miniseries or Dramatic Special” in th annual show and earned NAACP awards for “Raisin”. Some people have a negative insight into the hip-hop genre and related culture. However many artist explained that hip hop done something to the song Instruments industry like what Jay-Z said “It has changed America immensely.