“Indigenous Australians do want to obtain a day of celebration, we do want an Australia Day to be celebratory, the only is actually that the th January is about division.” A movement to change the date of Australia Day is gaining momentum. Mundine told CNN he wants a day that all Australians can commemorate. “One for all Australians, this be recent arrivals or people who have been here for australia day brisbane thousands of years, to come together to celebrate the achievements of the country,” he was quoted saying. Several celebrities have come in favor of the change, and the hashtag ChangeTheDate has gained traction on social media.

The West Australian city of Fremantle even decided down into move their celebratory fireworks to January , couple of days after Australia Day. It also isn’t a simple debate Tom Calma, cochairman of NGO Reconciliation Australia, said it would be better to teach young Australians about each good and bad associated with January , rather than choose another date. “There’s a place for recognizing that we have been dispossessed but having an alternative day isn’t going adjust that,” he said.

“Maybe the argument is we change the concise explaination of the th of January to one that a lot more inclusive and people receives engaged with, celebrating Australia as a continent, with regard to entity in itself.” Deputy Australian Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce told the ABC people anyone who was going to move the date were “miserable, gutted people.” “I wish they would crawl under a rock and hide for a little bit,” he said. Despite growing support for the idea, Bongiorno doesn’t think it will happen anytime soon.