Certify Your Documents Electronically

The fast-growing market of online document management provides users with a wide range of ready-to-use solutions for editing and signing documents digitally. However, not all of them are equally convenient and effective. Unlike many others, SignNow allows you to work with your documents on any Internet-connected device. All you need to do is register an account and upload your file(s). Each signature you create with SignNow looks www.signnow.com/esignature/create-handwritten-signature-online  as smooth and authentic as written with your own hand. Easily sign papers, close deals and meet important deadlines without leaving your desk.

How to Create a Handwritten Signature Online

If you want to add a digital signature to your document, upload it to SignNow via your web browser. You can also use the official app for Android or iOS in case you’re a mobile device user.

Choose one of the following options to generate your e-signature:

  • Upload a scanned image of your autograph.
  • Use your webcam to capture an image of your signature.
  • Draw it with mouse, touchpad or touchscreen of your smartphone/tablet.
  • Type in your name, choose one of the automatically generated samples and make it your signature.

Every digital signature you create with SignNow is legally binding in the United States. Each generated or uploaded sample is automatically saved and can be reused later. SignNow is the number one digital signature solution for both corporate users and individuals. Try it today, streamline your workflow and get rid of paper clutter.